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Known for being on the cutting edge of dental technology, Dr. Vladimir Potepalov is giving patients more reasons to smile than ever. Using Waterlase dentistry, Dr. Vladimir Potepalov, take the pain out of many of dentistry’s most feared treatments. 

Waterlase dentistry combines the precision of surgical lasers and the elemental power of water to gently perform several procedures that keep New Jersey patients’ teeth healthy. This treatment method can be used to handle major dental work such as filling, bonding, cavity removal, decay removal, and many more procedures.

“Whether we’re caring for the patient’s teeth, bone, or gums, Waterlase technology is always our first choice for treatment,” says Dr. Vladimir Potepalov. “The benefits are endless. From fewer anesthesias to less bleeding, to fewer appointments, to improved efficiency and accuracy, we’re providing the absolute cutting edge in dentistry, and the best part is that our patients reap all the benefits.”

Whereas older procedures require cutting, scraping, and drilling, Waterlase laser dentistry uses water and laser energy with far greater accuracy than drills and scalpels. This eliminates vibrations and sounds of drilling.

“The more accurate the treatment, the more healthy tissue we preserve,” exclaims Dr.Potepalov, a New Jersey laser dentist. “Often with older methods healthy tooth and gum tissue is damaged during treatment. Obviously, the dental community’s job is to promote and preserve healthy teeth and gum tissue, and with the Waterlase, dentists can do just that.”

"Waterlase treatment not only removes damaged or decayed tissue more efficiently, but it also does so with less pain," adds Dr. Potepalov. Because the laser essentially desensitizes nerves during treatment and pain is greatly reduced.

With more accuracy and less pain, dentists are able to cover more treatment in less time. “With Waterlase alone, we’re eliminating multiple appointments for treatment and reduced recovery times as well,” says Dr. Potepalov. “Our patients are getting through their treatments and back to their normal lifestyle faster than ever. What’s not to like?

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